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We Are Your Best Opportunity In Taking The Next Steps Needed Towards Optimizing Your Health. 

Unifying the nutritional knowledge of Vinny Russo with medical and hormonal guidance of Doctor Eryn Stansfield, Balanced Bodies vision is to holistically heal people through individualized care leaving a positive, everlasting impact on their clients.

Balanced Bodies Mission is to provide a holistic care approach to each and every client. Using precision nutrition and whole-body care model to help our clients achieve their perfect balance in body and mind. Precision care is our priority.

Most practitioners use medication to treat symptoms without addressing the root cause. We aim to address root causes and try conservative therapy instead dismissing you with a prescription.

Most coaches and practitioners will make you feel better without addressing long term initiatives as to the WHY you may feel better. We aim to empower you with knowledge on your wellness journey to find the root cause and continue with positive changes in your health and nutrition. Our success is your long term quality of life and health.

Meet Coach Vinny & Doctor Eryn

Vinny Russo has been a nutrition coach for over 12 years now and has helped hundreds of clients transform their bodies and positively impact thousands of people's lives. Vinny wears many hats as he is co-owner and Head Nutrition Coach of Balanced Bodies, Director of Nutrition for Project Trnsfrm, Legion Athletics sponsored athlete, FMG Pro, personal trainer, has an M.S in Applied Clinical Nutrition, and certifications with NFPT, PN.1, NCI, Domin8, and N.D.

Vinny's main focus with nutritional coaching is to reduce the amount of stress that dieting can cause you, which is accomplished through the systems he has created to facilitate your goals in a sustainable way.

Vinny prides myself in helping his you achieve your physical goals, improve your quality of life, revitalize overall health, and instill a mindset needed for success, while educating you throughout your journey on how to live this as a lifestyle.

Eryn Stansfield, MOH, MD is a Utah native who started college at the age of 14. She did her training at the University of Utah Medical School followed by a General Surgery Internship in Seattle, WA at a Level 1 trauma center followed by years of cancer imaging research with residency training in the Harvard Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine. She then returned to Utah to do a Preventative and Occupational Medicine residency. She is Chief of Occupational and Preventative Medicine for the Air Force. She has worked for the Air Force for over a decade.

Further she runs Corporate Wellness and Preventative Medicine Programs with her private corporate medical consulting business. She is published author and researcher, she is board certified in Preventative Medicine as well as being a Bikini PRO competitor.

As a cancer survivor and a mother, she understands and empathizes with her patients and their needs.


Our Vision

Envision a world where holistic healing is paramount, where every individual's unique needs are met with precision and compassion. Balanced Bodies is your partner in this pursuit, dedicated to restoring harmony to the way you look with the way you feel.

Holistic Care Redefined

Embark on a holistic care experience unlike any other. Our approach integrates the art of precision nutrition with a comprehensive whole-body model. Here, your journey towards equilibrium—both external and internal—is guided by our unwavering commitment to personalized attention.

Beyond the Surface

Unlike approaches that merely address symptoms, we delve deeper to uncover the roots of your well-being. Our ethos challenges the norm, as we understand that true wellness stems from understanding and rectifying underlying causes.

A Fusion of Science & Synergy

In a landscape where fitness regimens often fall short, we stand apart by embracing both sides of the equation. Our tailored protocols consider your medical history and hormonal dynamics, ensuring that every facet of your wellness is fortified.

Unveil Your Perfect Balance:

Balanced Bodies empowers you to attain the equilibrium you seek—a harmonious blend of physical vitality, inner serenity, and a profound mind-body connection.

Your transformation is not a distant dream; it's a tangible reality we're eager to help you achieve.

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Improve Your Overall Quality Of Life With Measurable Results!

What We Offer

  • 1:1 Nutrition Coaching w/Coach Vinny

  • Weekly check-ins & Feedback

  • 1:1 Health Coaching w/Dr. Eryn

  • Group Coaching w/CEC Cari Martinez

  • Monthly Consults with Dr. Eryn

  • Blood work prescriptions & analysis 

  • Interactive Biometric trackers

  • Personalized nutritional advice

  • Recommended Supplementation

  • Access to our exclusive FB Group

  • Hormonal Regulation

  • Medications and HRT (if qualified)

  • Lifetime access to all resources 

  • And much more…

If you struggle with any metabolic disease, this is your chance to feel great once and for all!!!

Letting Others Speak For Us

Join Us:

Elevate your well-being to new heights with Balanced Bodies.

Let's embark on a holistic journey that will reshape how you perceive health and vitality.

Your path to lasting wellness begins here!


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